Catch My (Functional) Drift

The human ability to make snap judgement is a powerful tool. Though this skill often gets a bad wrap when it comes to stereotypes, keep in mind that it’s also this ability that lets us know at first glance that something is wrong with a loved one, or that a situation isn’t safe.

Do you think that one could use this skill to determine the essence of something like a gym? Given a quick glance at the place, I bet one could come up with all sorts of ideas as to what the place was really about. What does it look like? What type of equipment does it have? What are the people inside like? What is the tone? And, so on..

Now THAT's cool!

What does it say about a place that is filled with mirrors and machines? What is a place like that for?

Unless you happen to catch us during class, one glance at FFOTB at off hours and you’d swear you were in the wrong place. No people, no equipment, no walls, and not even a front door. Just the ocean and some grass.

That’s because what we are about– our essence– is what we do! We aren’t in the business of having the nicest carpet, biggest locker rooms, or the most HD TVs in town. We are about making people better. Period. Though Equinox may disagree, each are mutually exclusive.

So, what is the essence of FFOTB? Without our people, we are nothing. The community literally is FFOTB. Within that, we are committed to enabling our students to be able to do more things and to do them better. Our students learn to push, pull, run, jump, and throw. They train to go long, and they can go short. They can do more work faster– light work, heavy work, odd lifts, gymnastics, weightlifting, and so on. Hell, they might laugh they’re way through it, too. Did I mention they don’t know how to quit?

This is about making better athletes, moms, dads, siblings, leaders, and even followers. We groom stronger workers, teammates, friends, and any other damn title you may have. We train for life and whatever  that may bring.


Logan Gelbrich



Friday’s Workout:

Life Skills


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