Your “Super Bowl”

I know nothing about football. I know even less about the NFL. To be honest, I can’t even call myself a sports fan, but I often refer to my “Super Bowl.”

Perm coming out of the tunnel. Super Bowl XLVI.

The term was coined by an ex-teammate of mine, Justin Blaine. At the time, your “Super Bowl” was a term to describe the most beautiful girl that could conceivably consider calling you their girlfriend. If you were on a date with your “Super Bowl,” it was a huge day, much like the athletic namesake that is chalk full of halftime shows and multimillion dollar commercials.

Well, long story short, the term morphed into something more. For me, it’s slang for any pinnacle in one’s life. My “Super Bowl” for FFOTB, for example, is to own our own outdoor space, with turf, and all the toys we need to make men and women superhuman. I can see it. It’s our pinnacle. And, trust me.. it’s BEAUTIFUL!

As a fitness school that supports big-hairy-audacious-goal setting, I’d like to hear what your “Super Bowl” is. What’s the ultimate for you? It could be a fitness goal, lifestyle goal, or a career goal. It could be anything! You can also have  “Super Bowls” for fairly insignificant areas of your life, too. For example, with regards to my wardrobe, I have a “Super Bowl.” It’s to own Brian Deming’s seersucker sport coat, of course!

So, tell me. What’s you “Super Bowl?”


Logan Gelbrich


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  • My seersucker jacket is beer-spill-proof and has a built-in “Invisibility Layer” utilizing a proprietary Land’s End technology.

    I am watching you, right now (and always.)

    With it’s great power, comes great responsibility.

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