Your Word

What’s done is done. That much is for sure. When it comes to leveraging yourself, track record can only get you so far. Maybe you’ve got one hell of a resume, but if two weeks on to the job you’ve done all but destroy business, not even your track record can save you. So then, what are we left with?

Mel and Welch enjoy some palm tree mobilization.

You are left with one thing. Your word. 

Use this wisely. Trust is slow to grow, and fast to die. And, if all I had was your word, I would:

1. Choose words carefully.

2. Follow through.

Integrity is a badge of honor, and to have it you must do as you say. Take time to practice integrity. For some that may mean saying less. For others, that may mean doing more. Think before you speak and offer commitment. And when you do, vigourously fight to see that you hold your end of the bargain. You word is all you have.


Logan Gelbrich



Thursday’s Workout:

Run 800m

-Rest 3 min-

Run 400m

-Rest 2 min-

Run 200m


4 rounds for time:

20 Windshield Wipers

10 Flutter Kicks (2-ct)

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