DEUCE Athlete Development

Who is it for?


Coach: Juan Guadarrama

The athlete development program is designed for athletes 13+. The goal is to prepare athletes for competition by focusing on prehab, performance, and train specific energy systems. Strength training is general and programmed to develop the athlete as a whole in ANY SPORT.

What Does Training Look Like?

Dynamic Warm Ups:

Proper progressions to increase performance and prevent injuries.

Injury Prevention:

Mobility and stability to prehab and fight repetitive stress from sports. Movement includes all different planes of motion. Athletes will be asked to used both dominate and weak arm / legs.


Introduction to basic human movements through traditional lifts. Mechanics and movement patterns that focus on posture and position are priority.

Agility, Coordination, Reaction time:

Response time drills in efforts to produce explosive movement in different directions, coordination, and maximize agility.


Specific energy system conditioning with the focus of different demands of sport. Emphasis is on explosive, change of direction, multi planar workouts.

Meeting Times & Pricing

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