Ronnie Lopez

Ronnie was born in Dallas, Texas but calls California home. Ronnie graduated (mathematics) and played collegiate baseball at Chapman University, where he participated in three Division III College World Series. Being part of a winning culture in college, Ronnie approaches everything post-baseball with a winner's mindset, putting high priority on "attention to detail" and "rigorous practice." He was introduced to functional movement and asked to deeply think about methods of training by Logan Gelbrich. He believes learning is never complete and the key to success as an athlete and coach is adopting a growth mindset. Ronnie is now co-owner and coach at DEUCE Athletics in Hermosa Beach and leads "Weightlifting Fundamentals," a specialty weightlifting program and coach for Project Speed: Speed and Agility Training.


Oh, what a time! If you turn on the tube and flip it to a news network, I’m willing to bet you lunch that we’ll hear something that is wrong

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The New One On The Team

I once heard a talk an Apple engineer had at a prestigious university campus. While positioned at one of the highest ranks of his company, he gave some suggestions to

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DEUCE Athletics is now OPEN!

At long last, it is our pleasure to announce that DEUCE Athletics is once again open for INDOOR workouts!  For those who might not have known: for the last 9

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An old tale talks about philosopher Denis Diderot, generally a poor man, coming into luxury (specifically a beautiful scarlet dressing gown). Diderot now owning a beautiful gown, felt that the

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Accountability To Start 2021

One of the biggest tools in our arsenal to help you reach your fitness goal is accountability. Listen in to see why we believe accountability is key to your fitness

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