FFOTB Presents: Reyna’s Fresh Organic Garden Meals

Being intentional about maintaining our health — body and mind– is an everyday task. Our food, water, vitamins, and supplements all come from somewhere, and we must be mindful of how it got there and who put it there. Having knowledge and being able to trace where your fuel comes from gives a peace of mind and great sense of comfort.

Lindsey and Dana representing.

I am one of the many who need to know where my fuel comes from. In addition, I am always on the go and I won’t break for anything that just comes from a “drive-thru” or from place where I can’t trace where the food comes from. I like to have research of where it begins. If I put so much effort in my physical and mental fitness, I should do the same into what I ingest.

I started cooking meals and making elixirs for my friends who are trainers and took note upon their word that I should bring it to the public… the person on the go, someone who is looking for real food that has organic ingredients you feel really good about, juiced drinks that have vitamins, minerals, and herbs that will take care of your body and mind through its’ ailment, battling disease, and provide more energy.

When I lived in Northern California I had tangible resource to organic farms, restaurants and mom/pop health food stores with a green foot print. I really miss the access to farm fresh goods Northern California has available to their communities. I remember driving up to a “mom and pop” health food store and seeing farmers bring their goods right to the door. I want to bring that to you.  My local produce comes from farmers’ markets and the meats I use are from health food stores and kosher meat markets (who understand cow or buffalo have to be grass fed throughout their life time-line).

What is Reyna’s Fresh Organic Meal Service?: The program will provide a weekly menu (in the online store) for students to purchase high performance prepared meals. These meals are made and packaged fresh to support a lifestyle of fitness. They are ready to eat right away or can be stored as meals throughout the week.

How the ordering works: Click on the tab “Online Store” and check out the lunch/dinner entrees that are the feature of the week.  Orders must be in by 9AM on Friday, and the pick-up date is Sunday at 9AM at Ocean and Marguerita.

This program will launch November 4th. I look forward to working with all of you soon.

Reyna Pecot


Tuesday’s Workout:


100 Squats

50 KB Swings (53/35)

800m Run

50 KB Swings

Max KB Squat Clean Thrusters

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