Strength and Beauty

Body image is a touchy subject in the fitness world. Especially for women, the fear of “bulking up” stands between many girls and taking on training that can raise their game with regards to health and wellness. The negative connotations associated with weightlifting and comprehensive training are far too ingrained to be broken with just one blog post. But, let’s chip away at it a bit, shall we?

Check out a great perspective on this very topic from a runway model who has taken on functional training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and all!


Whether this helps you open your mind to the possibilities of what you and your body can become if you “let it go” to functional fitness, or it’s ammunition to help defend nay sayers in your life, I hope it sheds light on the unfortunate faux pas of strength and conditioning. And don’t forget, it’s OK if you want ‘Better than Yesterday’ to have asthetic value, too.

Beautiful push ups, Andrea!

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

7 rounds:

14 SDLHP (115/75)

14 Alternating Depth Push Ups

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  • This is great, thank you. Although I still suffer from a mild fear of Madonna arms… CrossFit has taught me to value what my body can do over what it looks like. Also, I now eat to fuel my body for training so I’m more conscious of what goes into it and why. So, yeah! Strength AND beauty – not mutually exclusive, after all.

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