Teams and High Performance Groups

High performance groups. Sports do it best, don’t they? A group of people get together and their individual successes and aims contribute to a singular goal for the group. It has set the stage for countless unforgettable moments, and the same ingredients will produce much of the same in the future.

FFOTB is a group of people all motivated towards a similar goal, in improved fitness. Each person comes with the aim of improving themselves. Get enough folks motivated side by side, however, and you’ve got a high performance group.

Team Photo.

If you’ve viewed FFOTB as a team before, then there’s no need to read on. If not, consider it. Maybe you’re not the star pitcher on the baseball team… have no fear, Tommy will take care of that. You’re the speedster on the bases. We won’t be asking Tommy to run like you, so there’s no use in worrying about pitching like him. We all have our roles, just like we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe you’re not going to be the pacesetter in today’s workout. Well, fine. That’s what your other teammates are for. Your humor during the warm up could be as valuable as anyone’s ability to exercise quickly. Can you put on a good smile? What about your hug? Can you give  good hug on a cold, weekday morning? If so, you’ve already got a big role on this team.

Individual wins are wins for the team. Victories for the team are victories for the individual. Go Team!


Logan Gelbrich


4x 100m Run


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