Failure and Success 2.0

Thought experiment time! Let’s say you want something. Pick anything. Maybe you want to be a rock star, you want to lose 20 pounds, or you want a new jeep. Hell, maybe you just want an ice cream cone..

The numbers don't lie.

The experiment beings with a question. How many times are you willing to hear “No” to your request? How many times are you willing to be denied your goal and continue to pursue it until you get it?

I’m not neccesarily getting to the corny “Never give up!” speech, because I think the answer depends. Sometimes giving up makes sense. To shut down your life and “Never give up” until you get your ice cream cone seems a bit ridiculous. For some with different goals, never giving up is the only strategy  that makes becoming a rockstar possible, for example. Often my advice to people, whether it’s fitness related or not, is to:

A) Decide what you want.

B) Decide what it means to have such a desire (i.e. What will it cost to get it? Time? Money? Effort?).

C) Decide whether you still want it or not.

D) Proceed.

The reality is there are road blocks between you and the things you want. If there wasn’t something to deny you from having your goal, wouldn’t you already have it? Logic says, then, that to get you’re prize you’ll need to be denied (or overcome some obstacle) at least once, likely many times, before it is achieved – Guaranteed!

Eureka! It doesn’t make much sense, then, to let failure and denial disrupt you. Simply being in pursuit of a goal signs you up for such denial. It’s up to you how much of it you’re willing to commit to, however.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

“Memory Tabata”

Tabata Push Ups

-Rest 4 min-

Tabata Arches

-Rest 4 min-

Tabata Squats

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