Think Critically (Please)

Yesterday, an LA Time article called “All red meat is bad for you, new study says” caused quite a stir. For those that are passionate carnivores it was upsetting, and for those in the camp that believe animal protein is the epicenter for death and disease it signified another nail in the coffin.

Many of you that think you know where this post if going, may be surprised to learn I’m not writing to defend meat consumption. Meat consumption doesn’t need defending, in my opinion, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact that an article like the one above could A) Get support from a major publication like the LA Times, and B) Get instantly validated by so many readers is troublesome.

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This article happens to discuss a topic I am passionate about, and furthermore it puts heavy implications on an ideology I live by. I’d hope, though, that regardless of the topic or position, we could be a bit more responsible and critical in our thinking.

This article makes very strong claims based on information from a questionnaire, lacks any real science, and is at best irresponsible in stating the claims that it makes. Keep in mind the same flaws can and do exist in papers claiming the exact opposite position, as well.

I’d encourage you all to read a quick rebuttal from Robb Wolf titled “Red Meat: Part of a healthy diet?,” not because he defends meat (he doesn’t), but because he attacks the premise of the LA Times piece. He even cites an example of another horrifically executed study that actually supports his position (carbohydrate intake could increase chances of disease) and tears it apart for lack of credibility. His call to a higher standard for critical thinking is a universal need, in my opinion.

I don’t ask that folks be brilliantly educated, because Lord knows I sure as hell am not, but don’t be a simpleton. Read, think, speak critically.

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