Realizing the Obvious (Post Challenge)

The other day I strangely found myself in the position that I was a bit pissed about the choices that someone was making in their life.  I normally would look at someone making poor decisions, and not be offended by what they were doing. On this particular day, this was not the case.   I just so happened to be smack in the middle of The Route 56 Challenge, which by honest admission was not the easiest thing that I have done.  I thoroughly enjoy sugar, and would literally ignore the fact that it may have been a problem in my life, until this challenge.

Ground zero for health and wellness.

Here I am in this room and this woman walks in sniffling, looking quite feeble.  I kindly said hello, to be pulled into a tirade by this lady about how she cannot believe that she is sick.  I was only in the room for about another ten minutes during which she drank a diet coke and finished two cigarettes. Not to mention, she  ate a bowl of Jif peanut butter with a banana, while maintaining a steady cough.  I’m not doctor, but I had then seen enough.

I can’t believe that she had the audacity to say that she couldn’t believe she was sick.  Are you kidding me?  Every single thing that I witnessed is NOT congruent with a healthy lifestyle.  I was floored.   “Weird, huh?” I thought sarcastically.

On the ride home I was thinking about what I saw and why I felt the way I did.  I was at a point in my journey where I was trying very hard to be healthy, and I was ultra conscious of each decision I made to be this way.  In fact, I felt pretty damn good and I am proud of it.  The Route 56 Challenge was difficult, but it truly did bring to light for me the changes that needed to take place in my lifestyle, or at least some of them.

Thinking further, this makes me wonder if what we are dealing with here is a much larger problem than we think (at lease  than I think).  Do people just not know what nourishes them, and what slowly poisons them?  I think that the knowledge base out there as a whole is not well versed in nutrition, or living a healthy lifestyle.  I can truly speak from both sides of the line here, due to my late Cinnamon Twist addiction.   Though they do taste delicious, the way that I feel after I eat them (my asthma acts up) isn’t worth any tasting enjoyment that could come from them.  I realize that this point of view comes from doing the challenge, so cutting her a bit of slack may be in order.  On the chance that she actually may change her ways with a little well placed encouragement, I may say something to her politely.

The Route 56 Challenge was a giant stepping stone in my life.  I encourage you to share your experience with those that are close to you.  Maybe they have asthma, or they are always complaining of this or that ailment.   The fix may just be in their diet, and you may be the link to making that change.  After all, the best results come when working with others.  Be that Light!


Danny Lesslie


Friday’s Workout:


150 KB Push Press
**10 Squats on the minute every minute

***If the athlete isn’t complete at the 10-minute mark: Run 800m


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