Turning the Tables

Were coming here looking to read something that’d get you moving? Need some words to keep you going? Get you out of a rut? Inspire you? Lead you? Sounds to me like you want someone or something to take responsibility for what you want yourself.

Hey, you! Listen up..

I’d say this is often a great place to get all those things, but be careful. Sheep make great followers, but they also make great slaughter. I’d encourage you to be hungry for knowledge and inspiration, but do so with the intent to lead. Utilizing leadership and inspiration is no sin, don’t get me wrong. Displacing your fate to someone else, however, might be. All great leaders that had mentors of their own became, at some point, something slightly different than their mentors on their path to stardom. Being a follower is valuable, and sometimes requisite, but it can’t be permanent for anyone destine for something big of their own.

Take these words, not just these, but anything I say and use it to help sail your own journey. Be your own. Heck, I’m just a dude playing a coach, disguised as a better coach than I really am.

It’s time to step into your own. Rather than seek refuge in the herd, be sure to think, speak, and act as a leader.


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

FFOTB Baseline



10 Squats

10 Power Snatches (65/45)

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