My Toothpick

OK, so maybe I’m a bit gross for sharing this, but I am a huge fan of toothpicks. Why? I get a ton of crap stuck in my teeth. It’s gross, but it’s reality. When I’m driving, I rarely have a real toothpick and my solution to this dilemma is more of what this post is about. Hear me out:

It's a family thing.

A couple years ago, I got about 1000 business cards made to facilitate my side income as a fitness coach. The cards are for functional personal training. These are my new toothpicks.

It seems weird, but given that they are always available in my console. Also, their sharp edges and corners are wonderful for a make shift toothpick. Who would’ve thought?

Here’s the point worth mentioning, I also have a truck full of business cards for Functional Fitness on the Bluffs. Yet, the FFOTB cards never double as a device to pry leafy greens from my canines. Both cards cost the same amount and, to be honest, I still train folks on a personal basis if they ask me to. What’s more, I can make more money with a personal training client than I can if someone becomes a student at FFOTB. So why the lack of respect for my personal training business?

I don’t believe in it. 

I feel like I am doing prospective clients a disservice by personal training them. I know they will get coached just as well, maybe better, at our school and our students make them better than I ever could. Yes, you do as much or more for your fellow students than the program’s coaches do. The power of community is stronger than one could ever quantify. Believe it!

Want to change your (fitness) life? Stop training by yourself. Jump into the raging rapids of a group headed in the direction of greatness, and it makes the journey easier. And, dare I say, more fun?

Logan “Tooth-Pickin'” Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

6 Rounds:
10 Strict Press (95/65)
20 Jump Squats
100M Sprint

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