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*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 14*

As I write this, I’m between an atrocious round of golf and a dinner with 30+ gentleman I’d die for. It’s alumni weekend for the University of San Diego Baseball program. It’s an amazing time of shared stories and laughter. The unavoidable topics of discussion outside our time in college together is, of course, what we’re all up to now.

From a distance, much of these guys follow this very blog and Facebook rams our current career, life, and hobbies down each others throat. It goes without saying that I’ve become the “fitness guy,” and a slurry of bicep curls and CrossFit jokes are hurled in my direction to let me know it.

"I don't know if we should do this, I'm really really good at plank." -Jo

It’s a real perspective changer, however, to hear that folks are doing the workouts at home, and read the blog religiously. Big time athletes of old marvel at what all of you folks do with us. Be proud!

This interaction always brings up an interesting perspective. It reminds me that I’m in a bubble of health and wellness. I live and breathe it, and in many ways I’m odd because of it, especially by comparison. For me as a coach, I realized this is what many of you deal with on a daily basis from people in your life that don’t get it. It made me pause, and recognize that.

You all are champions in my eyes, and more so considering how “against the grain” your life has become, especially those of you in the challenge. Embrace what you believe in and before you know it you may be at a reunion answering dozens of nutrition questions.

The flip side observation is equally important. That observation is that there is safety in our community. To really accomplish great things for yourself with regards to performance and health, one needs to insulate (to some degree) from a world that doesn’t support such efforts. The challenge is a microcosm of our gym. What is possible inside our bubble is much more difficult outside of it. Furthermore, what’s possible inside The Route 56 Challenge is improbable outside of it.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Route 56 Challenge” Training

4x200m Run


Tabata Mash Up
Deadlifts (Challenge Weight)
Hand Release Push Ups


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