Sunday Funday

*The Route 56 Challenge: Day 15*

Sunday is an iconic day of relaxation. For some, Sunday is a day to cherish a day without a to-do list. For others, it’s much about football and friends. So since we are particularly biased to active, healthy living, I often wonder what Sunday traditions you all have.

Jennifer & Niki having fun in the sun.

I know for me Sunday is the best day of my life… every week. It usually involves a wake up time some time after 5:00 AM for a change, and involves a bike ride to the Santa Monica Famers’ Market. Enjoying breakfast outside with nowhere to be is a thrill. Much of the rest of the day comes naturally and differs week to week. Then, every Sunday night my girlfriend, Lindsey, and I set 3 goals for the week.

Since FFOTB doesn’t have regularly scheduled classes on Sunday, what does your Sunday tradition include? A hike? Relaxation? Is Sunday your first chance to do something active or is it a helpful break from the activities of the week?

Whatever the case may be…. enjoy Sunday!

Logan Gelbrich


Sunday’s Workout:

-Rest Day-


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