Are YOU in?

As we mark off the days leading up to the start of The Route 56 Challenge: Powered by Whole Life Challenge, there is an unavoidable buzz in the air. Students are talking. There is some anxiety, some nervousness, and a lot of excitement. Potlucks are forming, and recipes are already being traded.

Some of you may be on the fence, however, about taking on a seemingly difficult and consuming commitment. Now, I’m not going to let you off the hook by telling you this won’t be difficult or consuming, but that’s the point. I am fully aware of how difficult this challenge will be, and I’m someone who lives with a pretty strict nutritional/fitness standard. What I am telling you is this may be the single greatest decision you could make for yourself.

We’re all athletes on some level. I’m in. My mom is in. Even Nick is in…


Are YOU in?

If you want to make huge adaptions for the better in your life, why not do it with the support of a community who is in it with you? If you know you want to eat better but you aren’t sure how, why not play a game with a structure in place?

Sarah goes overhead!

If you’re interested at all, please join us Wednesday night at 8PM at lululemon Santa Monica for an introduction to the finer details of the challenge, and listen to the Q&A to follow.

Who’s in?


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

5 rounds:
15 Burpee to Plate
Max 100 yd Shuttles
-Rest 1.5 min-


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