Power in Numbers

Just the other day I was meeting with some store managers from lululemon Santa Monica. We were in the middle of an exciting meeting about how we can join forces to improve our communities, when one manager brought up the idea of power in numbers. “The first thing we have going for us is power in numbers.” she said. “If a student sets a goal to paint his porch in the next 6 months, we’ll be on that porch helping him.”

I was struck by this offering, because it resonated with me. It sounds like our community.

You see, we have quite an eclectic group at Functional Fitness on the Bluffs. Maybe we’re just a gym. Or, one could make an argument that we a social club disguised as a gym. Either way, we all can agree that the true essence of FFOTB lives in each person in it. “Each other” just so happens to include handymen, doctors, photographers, lawyers, designers, animators, musicians, actors, and so on. Imagine what we can get done– Together!

Truck broke down? We got you!

Our numbers are powerful. So the next time you need a lawyer, videographer, designer, or even just a helping hand to paint a porch… I’d encourage you to look here first. Anyone that’s willing to do as many burpees as we do, probably is worth doing business with, too. Plus, there’s a whole lotta love in this group. Embrace it!


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

For time:

1 Mile Run
3 rounds:
25 Med Ball Slams
25 Jump Squats

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