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“Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a figure of speech often used in communities like ours to describe the unavoidable passion that students exhibit shortly after taking on functional training. Have you drank the Kool-Aid? If you find yourself spending time searching the web for notes and pointers outside of class, this is you. Ever gone home to repeat your form in the mirror? You might as well have a red juice ring round your lips from all that Kool-Aid!

Mobilizing the Nation.

I love this type of behavior and the moment you become a “student of the game,” you begin taking huge strides in your journey to Elite Fitness. That being said, I’d like to help steer you towards quality resources online, because as we all know the internet can be a scary place. can be a huge one-stop-shop for all your nutritional questions and has a Pod Cast that I think everyone on Earth should subscribe to. also has a ton of information on food. The CrossFit Journal,, and will get you moving better and increasing performance in no time, just to name a few.

While your at it, I’d like to share a relevant piece from on the deadlift. Check it out!


Breaking Muscle is a top notch resource that will also, as of this month, feature some additions from yours truly.

3, 2, 1..GEEK OUT!

Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Find your 1-Rep Max Dead Lift


30 Yard OH Walking Lunge (45/25)
10 Push Ups

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