1,300 for Better or Worse

Humans maintain an internal dialogue, or self talk, at a rate that can often total 1,300 words per minute. You heard me… per minute. I’ve seen a woman attempt a record 650 words per minute. In contrast, imagining a dialogue of 1,300 words per minute is mind numbing.

Think, though, about the magnitude of one’s self talk. The potential for greatness, or destruction, is incredible. As an athlete, my self talk was one of the sharpest swords in my arsenal. True skills or not, I could talk myself into being a much better player than I ever should have been. I have also seen the dark side of negative self talk. At 1,300 words a minute, the mind can take you from “Hall of Famer” to low-life and back in 3 minutes flat!

All FUN. All POSITIVE. All the time!

Have you turned on your awareness to your internal dialogue? What things are you telling yourself? If you don’t know, I’d encourage you to listen because the things you say will become real! Take special note to yourself talk when things aren’t going your way. It’s the best time and the hardest time to practice.

“Today’s not my day” and “I’m tired,” aren’t helpful. “I’ve been here before, I’m OK” is helpful. What you say will become a reality, positive or negative.

….Talk amongst yourself.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday Workout:

3 rounds of max reps of:

1 Min Squat Cleans (135/95)


1 Min Med Ball Russian Twist

1 Min Clapping Push Ups

1 Min Tuck Jumps

-Rest 1 Min-

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