Strength isn’t for looks. It’s an ability.

Jon North, an Olympic weightlifting athlete from California Strength recently unofficially broke the American record in the Snatch. Since, the lift wasn’t in competition it’s labeled “unofficial,” but as you can see from the video below, there is no question about the successful lift.


I bring this up to pose a question. Take a close look at the guy in the video. He is by no means a slob, but I bet if he was wearing street clothes, the idea that he’s taken the heaviest load from the ground to overhead in the history of mankind would seem unbelievable. Considering what some body builders look like, Jon North looks rather unimpressive. His real world capacity, however, is unmatched with regards to strength, speed, power, flexibility, and coordination.

DPat: Game ready.

So, what then does strength look like? Better yet, what is strength? Is there such thing as weight room strength and real world strength?

I encourage you to revisit your perception of fitness, what it means, and even what it looks like. Jon North doesn’t do bicep curls and he doesn’t shop at GNC. He’d also get lost in the crowd on the Venice Board Walk, unlike the body builders than parade up and down it. Yet, he’s done something no man has done.

I think  it’s time we start looking at fitness as what one can do, rather than what one looks like.

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

“Race to 250!”



Then complete for following for time:

(250-SDLHP Score) KB Thrusters

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