FFOTB Nation of Empathy

Is this hard? The showing up. The being sore. The early wake up calls. Knowing that you may have to do the hardest training of your life, every damn time. I mean, it never ends… so yes, it is hard!

So, what are you gunna do? Quit? Take a break? I can’t get you off the hook with regards to difficulty, but I can offer some insight that makes this more positive than it sometimes can seem.

Warming up FFOTB style.

1. You like that it’s hard. OK, well if I put it like that, maybe you don’t like it so much. But, if we showed up everyday and played around with our hula-hoops for an hour, we’d have fun and it’d be easy. In addition, you’d know that your time was wasted and each day you’d show up no better than you were the day before. Embrace the efficacy of training like an athlete!

2. You’re never alone. Tomorrow my alarm clock will go off at 5:01 AM, and I’m going to be cranky. I’ll get up and cook a huge bacon and egg breakfast. Though I’d like to sleep, I need to eat to perform in class either as a coach or an athlete. I wake up knowing that the rest of my classmates are doing the same, maybe just as reluctantly, and it motivates me.

When you’re tired, know that so too is your FFOTB family. The days that begin sluggish and unmotivated, know that there are some of your FFOTB peers living that same reality, yet they show up and so should you. When the soreness in your thighs makes getting dressed difficult, let alone attending class, know that so too are your coaches.

This is hard. And, that’s why we love it. You aren’t immune to hardship, either, but that’s why you have us. Keep grindin’…


Logan Gelbrich


Tabata Sit Ups

Then 5 Rounds:

10 Burpees

200M Sprint
(Rest 1 Min)



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