“Fresh Fish!”

The world famous Pike Place Fish Company in Seattle, is known for the most unique fish experience in the world. To describe this fish company as just a fish market would be a huge mistake. The market is recognized the world over for the experience, more so than the fish. Shouts from the fish market staff coincide with successful long tosses and catches of the fish across the market floor. So much so that the daily grind of moving and selling fish is an attraction for locales and tourists alike!


Before this begins to settle in your mind and you wonder, “Well, what’s the point?”– I have to remind you that I’m talking about a fish market here. This isn’t a locker room tradition for your favorite NFL team. Or, a routine shared by a cast on Broadway. I’m talking about working cold, wet conditions for long hours with little pay. Not to mention, these guys reek of fish.

Truck push? Shuttle runs? We make it fun...

Such conditions create a perfect storm for two options:

1. Misery.

2. One hell of an unexpected good time!

These guys are choosing to infuse play into their workplace, which could quite easily feel like torture. Instead, though, they’ve flipped the script. Their organizational culture is one of fun and tradition. This type of culture is gold for an organization. I mean, people come in droves to be spectators to a fish market staff– AMAZING!

If you take a step back, I bet you’d notice much of the same themes at FFOTB. We, too, have a culture that is full of exclusive lingo, unique traditions, and we make what could easily be misery into a heck of a good time. And, we, too, attract some spectators!

Next time you’re in Whole Foods, you might catch a glimpse of Pike Place lore when the seafood staffs gets a new shipment in. Unanimously, they ring the bell and shout, “Freeeeeeesh fishhhhh!” Even they make it fun.

It might seem silly, but I bet there are plenty of places in your life that could benefit from a little “Fresh fish” culture. If they can do it with fish, you can do it with anything!


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

For time:

3 KB Snatch
3 KB OH Squat
5 KB Snatch
5 KB OH Squat
9 KB Snatch
9 KB OH Squat
12 KB Snatch
12 KB OH Squat
15KB Snatch
15 KB OH Squat
18 KB Snatch
18 KB OH Squat
21 KB Snatch
21 KB OH Squat


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