Training Tips: Playing the game within the game

Ever notice that we put a ton of emphasis on fun here at FFOTB? Having fun isn’t something we feel is important to talk about and create to counter balance how NOT fun the workouts are. We really believe that this can be fun, so we structure it that way! A lifestyle choice that is fun has a much greater chance to “stick,” than one that is dreadful anyway, right?

If you notice, our workouts are written like they are games. “Here’s how much time you’ve got, let’s see how much work you can do before the buzzer.” Or, “Here’s your task, first one to do all these things wins!”

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These fun and games don’t take away from the training, either. They actually help! But, what if the race-to-the-end and the how-much-work-can-I-do-in-15-minutes games are getting a little too straight forward for your liking?

I’d encourage you to seek value in every corner of every workout we do. For me, that means making little games within the workout. For example, some workouts with a run involved, I’ll make a game with myself to start the first movement after the run with no rest in between. Other details become less important, and I train transition time.

Do you find yourself breaking up sets too often? Place less emphasis on moving so quickly through the workout and commit to unbroken sets, or bigger chunks of work at a time. For example,  make the rules of your game to do 20 squats at a time rather than doing 14, then 10, then 6, then 5.. etc. There is even plenty of room for creativity within breathing. Limiting a certain number of breaths during breaks, can be another challenging game to improve your training.

There’s always a way to dig deeper. Always.


Logan Gelbrich



Monday’s Workout:

2 min. Max Sit Ups


“Death by Thrusters”

Minute 1: 4 Thrusters
Minute 2: 11
Minute 3: 20
Minute 4: 12
Minute 5: 2
Minute 6: 15
Minute 7: 6
Minute 8: 16
Minute 9: 10
Minute 10: 3
Minute 11: 14
Minute 12: 7
Minute 13: 18
Minute 14: 8
Minute 15: 9
Minute 16: 17

Minute 17: 5
Minute 18: 13
Minute 19: 19
Minute 20: 1

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