Why Eat?

What is food for? I mean, really… What do we eat for? Do we eat simply to counter hunger? Do we eat because its enjoyable? Do we eat for energy? All of the above?

Embo focused.

I don’t know exactly. I know that my answer depends. Sometimes I eat with a specific purpose, like to fuel my training day. Sometimes, though, eating for me is as simple as a result of boredom. Imagine that! We live in a world that eating can be a pastime to combat boredom. Other times, food is about the time of day. Lunch time? Better eat lunch, right?

What if you changed the role that food played in your life? Food served a much more clear purpose in life when our ancestors were tracking animals and collecting edible plants to survive each day. In our society, however, food has become very grey. I would encourage you to have a relationship with your food.

What role does food have in your life?


Logan Gelbrich



Saturday’s Workout:

3x 300 yard Shuttle (1 min rest)

With both partner working at opposite stations:
5 Over-the-Bag Burpees
15 Alternating 1-arm KB Swings


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