Action vs. Reaction

Look around you. Does it look like many people are on the attack? Or, do you see a society of people simply reacting to the happenings in their lives. Here’s how the story often goes…

If you get out of shape, then you train.

If you get sick, then you seek wellness.

If you get unmotivated, then you set goals.

If you get thristy , then you hydrate.

If you get high blood pressure, then you improve your diet.

If you get in debt, then you control your spending.

If you miss your goal, then you get serious about your preparation.


"It's good!"

It seems to me that this approach takes a great deal of control from one’s life. Here we are reacting to consequences over and over, never taking ownership for anything. Does just “putting out fires” in your life seem like an approach that yields greatness?

If you’re only motivated by the valleys of your life, every peak will simply proceed another valley. Attack! Own every decision you make!

Rather than doing a “cleanse” (whatever that is) every time your diet goes to hell, why not address the real issue and grab some ownership of your situation? Putting bandages on shortcoming and mistakes only breeds more of the same. How about those bootcamps? Feeling sluggish? 5 days of pure excerscise hell will surely erase the last 3 months of destruction to your body, right? Wrong.

Think about the implications of a lifestyle of ownership, control, and responsibility versus a lifestyle of managing failure. Imagine a lifestyle full of decisions that support health and wellness with a fair share of celebratory adult beverages, some well placed chocolate, and even a delicious pastry here and there. Now, compare that lifestyle to one that lacks an effort to eat well, exercise, etc and includes a laborious effort to sprinkle in a salad or a tough workout here and there to combat  the damage done on a regular basis.


Here’s a hint: One works, and one doesn’t. One is fun and manageable, and the other is a chore and full of guilt.

It’s time to go on the ATTACK!


Logan Gelbrich



Wednesday’s Workout:

With one partner working at a time:
100 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder
200 Sang Bag Squats
300 Anchored Sit Ups
400m Sandbag Run

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