The “Call Out”

Getting “called out” can evoke a wide array of emotions. Sometimes it is embarrassing. Other times if feels good to be held accountable. Regardless, though, of your feelings on the topic, the “call out” is fair game in our world.

Community. Team. Power.

The text message reminding you that your absence didn’t go unnoticed last week is a “call out.” It’s just as much of a call out as the sharpe rally cry from your partner when your effort or attitude is in question during a workout.

So folks, if you weren’t already aware, you have the green light to call out your classmates if they are making excuses or not showing up. Remember, we are only as successful in this journey as we are accountable to the process.

Would a friend call you out if you were underachieving in school? Maybe. Maybe not. It probably would depend on the friend and if they thought you’d be upset with them, right? Well, what about your parents? Would they call you out if they saw D’s on your report card? Well, of course they would!

The difference is your parents don’t care what you’ll think of them, because they LOVE you. As long as your call out comes from a place of love, this community needs you to help maintain our standard of excellence.


Logan Gelbrich

Thursday’s Workout:

200m Run
15 KB Thrusters

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