Ever wonder how you’d ever sift through the sea of information out there about supplementation? Chances are you have one of two perspectives on the topic of supplementation. For the “hardcore” athletes of the world, there can be an unrealistic understanding that supplements are a unavoidable necessity for performance. The other perspective often comes from those that have never thought about going into a GNC because, to them, it seems irrelevant. Those folks might pop a multivitamin or Vitamin-C when they have a cold, but nothing more.

Neither is right or wrong, but I’d like to provide some insight on the topic. Both perspectives above have flaws, in my opinion. The unavoidable truth about supplementation is that a majority of supplements are either redundant, unhealthy, or both. The idea that we can isolate and dose ourselves to make up for, or supersede our nutrition is not only ridiculous, in my opinion, but it also is out of touch with living as nature intended.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, home maker, lawyer, or child there is no substitute for real food. None. Let me repeat: EAT REAL FOOD.

Real food includes things that run/fly/swim around the earth with hair, feathers, or scales. It includes things that grow from the Earth without the help of a lab coat and/or millions of dollars of machinery (Not: soy, corn, flour, wheat, dairy, etc). If you eat real food, you can perform at any level you wish, without any negative consequences.

It's time to start feeling like you're #1!

There are consequences for eating foreign things and supplementing with chemicals. And furthermore, I’d like to not have to have a Ph.D in chemistry to understand what cocktail of things to ingest each day. You’ll always be safe with food.

Here comes the but.. But, there are two things I can advocate:

The first is Vitamin-D, if you work inside a great deal you may suffer from a deficiency here. We were intended to get this in our bodies through the sun. Since civilization has brought our life (and work) inside, this may be an unavoidable need. However, we do live in California, so I’d recommend getting fresh air before you pop any pills.

Lastly, Omega-3 supplementation is a MUST. Due to the evolution of our food supply modern humans have Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratios of as high as 20:1. Our ancestors lives at a state of 2:1, or 1:1. With this comes a constant state of inflammation and various diseases of civilization. If you eat no grains, processed foods, or dairy and all your animal products are wild caught/ grass fed, Omega-3 supplementation may be irrelevant. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Omega-3 supplementation is a MUST.

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Logan Gelbrich



Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:

50 Over-the-Bag Lateral Jumps

50 Hand Release Push Ups


50 Jumping Lunges

50 Sit Ups

50 Med Ball Cleans

500m Run


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