A “Better” Community

If you missed the action this weekend, Saturday’s “Better than Yesterday” Challenge Finals were nothing short of incredible. In true FFOTB fashion the event was well attended and tons of fun. The festivities included participants, their families and friends, as well as additional supporters who were also out to see the magic.

The proof is in the pudding. This isn’t a vague, “maybe so” type of fitness school. The numbers speak for themselves. Athletes did more work faster after 6-weeks of training, which means one thing. We are growing a measurable fitness. You ALL should be proud!

To be honest, when the forcast for the weekend incuded rain, Danny and I were a bit heartbroken. We’d pour out our heart and soul to create a challenge that our community could rally behind. It was our first challenge, and to have something like a little rain ruin it seemed ridiculous. We decided the “show would go on” regardless. In hindsight, there wasn’t an aspect about the event that wasn’t absolutly perfect in my eyes.

To have the crowd we had causing a ruckus in the cold and rain without a word of complaint was completely true to our nature. The die hard effort by every athlete was inspirational and nothing short of FFOTB’s “style.” Everything from the hit and miss stereo system, to the emotional announcement of our challenge winners, to the donuts, to the post challenge meal at Amelia’s afterwards was perfect.

A community of strength.

Highlights for me included: watching D. Patterson turn out a performance that his 6-week old self wouldn’t recognize, Melanie’s consumption of a kilo of sugar after breakfast, Kobata’s lightning fast ninja garb, having Kenny Kane on the official time, and a Full Gabie sighting. It is these memories that will stay with us. As the scores and times fade away, what we are left with is each other and these relationships. And, that is where our focus shall lie.

On behalf of the FFOTB Team, thank you! I am a better man having known you all. Congratulations to our winners Danny Patterson and Nikki Pounds. Each took home a $340 cash prize!

This journey is just beginning, everyone. Congratulations, as you are officially Better than Yesterday!


Logan Gelbrich



Monday’s Workout:

With one partner working at a time:

1, 2, 3, 4,…10

KB Snatch (Left)

KB Snatch (Right)

50m Shuttle Run

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