As we enter “finals week” for The Better than Yesterday Challenge, competition is in the air. Just today I was reading about the power of competition in a very different way. An article in the Travel section of the LA Times featuring the moai stone statues of Easter Island, of all places, provided some perspective on the power of competition.

"Easter Island is known for its towering stone statues, or moai. Representing deified ancestors, they are 6 1/2 to 30 feet tall and weigh as much as 270 tons. These, at the Ahu Akivi site, are the only set located away from the ocean and the only ones faced toward the sea." (Dan Falk)

You’ve all seen the images of these monolithic structures and it is difficult to imagine primitive man shaping and moving these structures without the aid of modern tools. The feat seems so unbelievable that these statues are often the source of conspiracy theorists, who argue that it may provide insight to extra terrestrial visitation.

Crab walkin' Jacob.

New research and theory on the topic indicates that increasing size of the statues over time indicates a rival effort amongst the tribes on the island is responsible for their creation. These impressive stone structures of devotion are quite possibly the result of “a show of one-upmanship.”

How’s that for competition?

There is no substitute for the effect of a worthy opponent. As The “Better than Yesterday” Finals approach, use your opponents’ presence on your way to greatness. Competition is a huge component in our training at FFOTB. Have fun with it, but use it– You might end of doing something that people could imagine possible!

Join us at 9:00 AM this Saturday, November 12th for our challenge finals. Competition is in the air. Spectators are welcome to witness some real life “one-upmanship,” as well.


It pays to be a winner.


Logan Gelbrich



Monday’s Workout:

5 rounds:
12 KB Push Press
12 Front Squats
12 KB Romanian Deadlift

**If weight leaves hands 10 Burpee Penalty


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