A Nod to lululemon

Just a day and a half after I lauded lululemon’s recent decision to emblazon their bags with “Who is John Galt?,” I was met with a surprise that left me speechless. Thinking I was headed into lululemon’s Santa Monica store to have an long overdue meeting with their manager, I was shown around the store to choose things to try on. The manager got a flat tire and would be late, so I was to try a few things on and give them feedback on the clothes to kill some time.

As soon as I opened the dressing room door I was met with a message on the mirror: “Logan, Will you be our new Ambassador? <3 Lulu SM.” In shock, I was met with hugs and smiling faces from all over the store.


If you have any experience with lululemon, you know that this is the “Big Leagues.” lululemon is a company that has a foundation rooted much deeper than stretchy pants. They make people better.

Similarly, FFOTB, on the surface, is simply a place to workout. Likewise, Lulu is a place to buy great apparel. At our essence, however, is a lifestyle. I couldn’t be more honored to be associated with a company that is in constant, relentless pursuit of greatness for ourselves and others.

Though today was “my day,” I have to turn the entire experience upside down. This is my opportunity to acknowledge a stand out company, like lululemon, in a world that all too often supports mediocrity. You (the reader) and I don’t have to be anything more than average in this world, and neither does lulu. But, they choose to be great.

I can only hope to continue to choose the same for myself. And, I wish for everyone to choose the hard road to greatness in the face of mediocrity, as well.

As your new lululemon Ambassador, I want to THANK YOU! I am excited to embrace this role and exceed expectation. Let’s  roll.


Logan Gelbrich



Saturday’s Workout:

4 Rounds:
15 KB Front Squats
15 Burpees
400m Run
-rest 3 min-



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