What’s in a song?

For whatever reason, I’ve been a pretty open book about music. I can respect and enjoy a pretty large spectrum of genres, and yes, that includes Country. Interestingly, there once was an episode of Family Guy that addressed the dream of what life to a soundtrack would be like. Each piece of our day accented to a song, some slow and epic, other light and fun.

Tap into you're FUN!

Music when you’re training can be a performance enhancer. Think about that. That is a testament to it’s power, or our simplicity- HA! You’ve all heard the studies on students performing better on exams or homework to classical music versus distracting hard rock and roll.

Nonetheless, music has it’s time and place. I encourage you to include it in your life in places it doesn’t commonly show up. In the car is the obvious place, so try to include music into your cooking, or maybe even your wake up routine. What songs come to mind on this rainy day?


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

For time:

Butterfly Sit Ups
Hand Release Push Ups

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