What it takes..

Being number one. Maybe less so in the sports legend sense, and more so in being the best we can be in a regular, everyday life kind of way. Whether your a tailback with a hall of fame future, or you’re just trying to be a great dad, the message is the same. So, often we get sucked into trying to find out what the best way is to get what we want, and we never really commit to actually getting there.

I am hear to say, maybe it is less about getting the plan right and more about committing to the plan. Vince Lombardi Jr. says it best:


“How many diets does it take to get down to the weight you’d like to be at? Just one. The one you stick with. How many times do you need to reorganize your office, your desk, your approach to your business, your profession, your career before you begin to see some of the results you’d like to see? Just one. The one you commit to and stick with.”

T-man climbing to be #1

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:


15 Jump Squats

20m Bear Crawl

200m Run

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