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Personally, the past two weeks have been tumultuous balancing travel and my work schedule. A small part of my daily duties includes communicating to our community through this very blog. While I’m in and out of town, I still must find a way to post our daily workout with a message. While it can be stressful trying to communicate from the road, it has brought new perspective to the coach/student relationship.

FFOTB's always there? What a relief!

The quirky ways I end up gaining access to the internet to share a thought and post the workout got me wondering about the reciprocal opportunity. I began to wonder if students realized that since there is always a way for me to update the website, regardless of schedule, travel, location, or circumstance, than there always is a way for them to reach out. If you realized it or not, your coaches cannot wait to hear from you.

If you’re caught in a bind and need some help, we are your health and wellness concierge– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stuck on the road and want to train (with or without equipment)? Your coaches are a phone call/text message/email/tweet/smoke signal away from helping you.

Have you ever stood in front of a nutritional crossroads– your mind is telling you to go off the deep end via cupcakes and your heart is telling you to stay strong and go “Paleo,” and all you need is one person to back you up? Text me. Call me. Email me.

This is a two way street. The same powerful support system that somehow enables you to do 150 squats amongst a cocktail of plyometrics in 11 minutes at a blistering pace, can be accessed at any time if you reach out.

Not comfortable asking Danny or I for support? Shoot a text to a classmate… chances are they need your help in understanding that though chocolate tastes good, truffles don’t make the best lunch, just as much as you do.

This community is 24/7.



Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:


“Better than Yesterday” Challenge Training

For time:

200M Run
KB Thrusters
Burpee Tuck Jumps
200M Run



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