Love running? Hate it?

Whether you’re a die hard runner or detest it, our training has special relevance to you and your position. Our training regime involves programming that includes the entire spectrum of performance. This then naturally includes a running element. It appears in our workouts no more or less than anything else, however. On top of that, we stick to short to middle distance runs. It is a unique day on the bluff to see a run that is a mile long. At FFOTB, an 800m run is a long one, and 200m is common.

It's OK to hate burpees, too.

If running isn’t your thing, FFOTB may be your new best friend. So many folks avoid exercise altogether because the idea of “cardio” is far too hard, boring, slow, or otherwise. Not here, though! We don’t have any long, slow components to our training. Furthermore, our metabolic conditioning exceeds the adaptations that long, slow runs illicit, and it does so in less time!

Interval training makes better athletes in similar (short) time domians, as well as the longer, more oxidative, time domains. The same cannot be said about the inverse– training long and slow, trains athletes to be long a slow. It is not uncommon to see the explosive output of endurance athletes to be nearly nonexistent (“a vertical jump of just a few inches”).

For those that, enjoy a long jog, competing in marathons, or the sport of endurance, our training is an ultra efficient way to make you a better endurance athlete. If you’re a fan of running, chances are you enjoy your time alone logging miles. High intensity functional training, can be the perfect cure to performance plateau, a busy work schedule, or the boredom of monotonous repetition.

At FFOTB, we can celebrate either position on running. We are a just another tool to make you better in your life and everything it entails.



Logan Gelbrich



Monday’s Workout:

8 rounds for time:

15 KB Swings

25m Waiters Carry (Left)


25m Waiters Carry (Right)

**Athletes are penalized 10 burpees each time they drop the KB

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