The “Push Partner”

The name “Push Partner” was coined by an old coach of mine, but the concept is nothing novel. The concept of having a push partner was introduced to me in college, when NCAA rules prevented Division I schools from holding organized practice during the winter break. So, the coaching staff separated the team in pairs. The function of the pairings were to train together. Not only were we paired up to get our required work done, we were partnered up to compete against each other.

The competition and accountability of having another person breathing down your neck can be a power training tool. While we won’t be officially pairing our students up to compete against each other, I think it is worth experimenting with. These relationships don’t need to be declared or forced to work.

Being paired up with Tyler might mean violence.

We’ve already seen in our short time in business some legendary “push partners” that have emerged by way of rivalry. The dynamic Tyler and Jun shared before Jun left, for example, was not only spontaneous, neither of the two ever recognized the other as a “push partner.” They did show up each day with a little extra motivation to win, however. They both had more fun and got more fit because of it.

Do you have a push partner? Is there a name on the board that you like to compare your efforts to? I know for me, I love to compete against Danny. I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to create a little friendly competition in your head against a similar student in class. Keep it to yourself, but compete nonetheless. Results and plenty of fun are sure to follow.


Let the games begin!


Logan Gelbrich



Friday’s Workout:

Tabata Pushups


200M Run

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