Event: Loren Cordain to speak

Loren Cordain, the principle mind behind today’s study and implementation of the evolutionary based approach to nutrition known as The Paleo Diet, is set to speak Saturday, October 22nd (1-3PM). Tickets will sell out to this unique opportunity to get first hand commentary and Q&A from “one of the fathers of the ancestral health movement.” 

The event is being made possible by Original Nutritionals, a company rooted in such primal dietary principles. If you are interested in attending this  special event, click here to purchase tickets. Tickets are $60 to attend the one hour keynote presentation from Cordain, which is followed by 1 full hour of Q&A. The event will be held at our friends at CrossFit Los Angeles on Santa Monica Blvd.
Act now!

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

Complete as many Front Squats as you can consecutively.
Subtract that number from 100. Then complete that number of Burpees.




2x 400m
*3 min rest

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