Featured Student: Brian Deming

Name: Brian Deming

Age: 38

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Occupation:Location Manager (TV/Film)

Brian can be found training at FFOTB (fully clothed) 2x/ week.

1. What is your fitness background? Competition mountain biker, competition lifeguard, water sports.

2. How long have you been training at FFOTB? How does FFOTB compare to other places you’ve trained?  I’ve been with FFOTB for one month.  I hate being stuck in gyms and tied down to dirty equipment in dirty buildings.  Gimme a “walk in the park” over a gym any day!

3. What has been your most memorable experience so far?  “Sweating it out in paradise!”  Tuesday night at Chez Jay.

4. Favorite Movement:  Burpees?

5. Least Favorite Movement:  Why are Thursdays so hard?!?!?!

5. Favorite memorable FFOTB quote:  I like the “Awesome Cones.”

6. What are your short term goals? Long term? Getting in shape.  Getting a physical outlet (FFOTB) that I love enough to stay with.

7. Lastly, what’s an interesting fact we may not know about you?  This?…


Tuesday’s Workout:

4 rounds for time of:

10 Pushups
20 KB Seated Strict Press
30 Jumping Lunges

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