Leave No Doubt

It’s easy these days, more than ever, to get trapped in the idea that we’ve become the victim. “Heck, in an economy like this– what can you do?”

There are a million ways to validate a “poor me” perspective. The economy is brutal. Good workers are getting laid off right and left. So much seems out of our control that displacing blame is as easy as ever.

Great hollow position, Kara!

I won’t apologize for my lack of sympathy on the subject, however. I’d like to say that I live in a world where people left no doubt about their worth to their company, team, friends, etc.

Become undeniable. What if instead of riding the wave of the economy, you made yourself recession proof? Or, instead of subscribing to the ebb and flow of opportunity, what if you created your own? What if we chose to get so good at your craft that you were indispensable?

Practice makes perfect. At FFOTB, we aren’t building resumes. We’re practicing greatness. You can’t escape a day here without your best effort. My thought is that tapping into your best effort is the kind of skill that shows up elsewhere, too.

Own it. The position of the victim is one of choice. Succumbing to the statistics of a trend is easy. And, don’t let me believe more in you than you do, because I think your bigger than any trend. Don’t let all your practice of doing that which is difficult in training go to waste– find your best effort in every corner of your life!

Being great means being recession proof. Being great means being undeniable. Being great is a role reversal. Take charge– it’s your responsibility!

Leave no doubt. Be great.



Logan Gelbrich

Monday’s Workout:

1 minute max KB Snatches
-rest 1 min-
1 minute max KB SDLHP



3 rounds for time of:
[Max Score] KB Snatches
[Max Score] KB SDLHP
200m Run

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