Let’s play: “Cops & Leaders”

Leadership is priceless. Great leadership is found in nearly every great team, group, movement, or business. And, as someone who not only has competed in high performance groups and teams, but studied the dynamics of groups in college, I can validate both the value of leadership, and it’s scarcity.

Looks like suspect leadership to me!

I’m not hear to talk about leadership, however. In my experience, there is a quality about groups that are the best in the world in their field and it has nothing to do with the groups’ leader. Quite the opposite, actually.

What I’m talking about is a group that polices itself. Groups that excel far beyond the confines of the bell curve, may have a great leader, but they don’t need him/ her. These groups are the ones so committed to the mission that the members of the group will not accept behavior that doesn’t contribute to the accomplishment of the mission.

The message is stronger, when delivered by the group. A group that is managed like a grade school teacher manages an unruly class may be a good class, but it will never be a great class. A class full of kids that will not accept misbehavior, though, is primed to excel into greatness.

Danny, Annie, and I will always hold FFTOB to a standard of excellence. If we are going to reach our potential, both as a group and as individuals, we need to commit so much to excellence that our student body wouldn’t have it any other way. That means a fitness school where students hold other students to the movement standards. That means a fitness school where students hold other students to their best effort, and so on.

I encourage you all to speak up. We must lead from within to be the best in the world, and I am committed to nothing less!

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Better than Yesterday” Challenge Training

4x400m Run
-Rest 3 min between efforts-

2, 4, 6, 8…
KB Front Squats


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