I am fully, 100%, no-doubt-about-it projecting when I say, patience is of the utmost importance. I don’t have patience. Not an ounce of it. But, if you or I, or anyone else for that matter, is ever going to see long lasting success, we’ve got to find a way to be patient.

Now, for those of you attending class, I’m not talking about the kind of patience it might have taken to wait for this post to find out what the workout of the day was. I’m talking about the kind of patience that give you permission to grow and develop over the long haul.

Breathe. Be patient.

Have you ever noticed the common thread that runs through a majority of advertising on television? The idea is more for less. You want something? Well, we can give it to you faster than any of those other tedious, slower, harder ways out there.

Well, “Abs” don’t come in six minutes, and you’re “degree” might not pack such a punch with 6-weeks of study. What about weight loss? “All you need to do is drink lemon water, and we guarantee you’ll lose 6 pounds in the first week!”

…but you didn’t eat, remember?

All I am asking is that you take all that sense of urgency and drive that you and I share, and use it to grind away at you’re mountain of dreams. But, give yourself the freedom of time. True gains stand the the of time. This fitness journey, for example, is a commitment of years, not days or week. I won’t promise you any less.

Be patient.


Logan Gelbrich



Thursday’s Workout:


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