“Glory Days”

I was talking with a business partner just yesterday about the idea of “glory days.” By talking about it, I mean I was declaring war against the idea that one’s better days are behind him/her. Now, I understand I am far too young to write a treatise against this, but I’ll continue nonetheless.

The goal is to live your glory days in the present– always. If you aren’t, I’ll gladly call you out in your underachievement.

I’m sure my parents generation will read this with an omniscient smile. OK, well great, keep smiling, but the fact of the matter is if you’re not activley in pursuit of your best days now, then in my eye’s your mailing it in. You’re throwing in the towel. Chances are you’re “that guy” or “that girl” at the bar talking about what you once were.

Time to take a breather and get back in the fight.

I can hear the rebuttals already: “But, when you’re young you’re trim and active. It’s just more fun. There’s less responsibilities, you see…it’s just different.” Well, were those days of great physique, accomplishment, and playful fun because you were young, or was it because you were active and eager? It is a bit of the “What came first? The chicken or the egg,” but I’ll bet you’d be surprised at the result if you tried to prove me wrong.

Here’s a morbid hypothetical question you can ask the majority of adults: “How old were you when you gave up?”

I don’t mean to be dark, but most people well into adulthood will have a specific answer for you. It makes me tremble at the thought, that someone would come to a crossroads in their life and that they would choose convenience over their dreams. As life goes on, it gets harder to hold onto what we really want. Bills, kids, and the idea of making other people happy often trick our minds into thinking we don’t want the things we dream about. Being “realistic” gets in the way of things we once swore we’d give anything for.

I may be young, but I know hundreds of ex-professional baseball players that are “that guy” at the bar, whose best days will always be behind them. I refuse to give in to that, because I own these days and the days ahead. And, you should, too.

If you “gave up” on your glory days, I’m hear to call you out. Claim them back– Today can be your day!


Logan Gelbrich



Wednesday’s Workout:

Four rounds:

100m Prisoner Lunges

100m Prisoner Sprint

20 Clapping Push ups *



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