Featured Student: Jose Guadalupe Jimenez Romero Jr.

Name: Jose Guadalupe Jimenez Romero Jr.
Age: 25
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Post Production

1. What is your fitness background?
My Fitness background is not very impressive. I’ve completed P90x once, but was looking for something a little more intense to push me and not have to stare at the TV.

2. How long have you been training at FFOTB? How does FFOTB compare to other places you’ve trained?
I’ve been training at FFOTB for about a month and a half. FFOTB brings it everyday. I have yet to repeat a workout. It’s by far the best, the most painful and the most fun.

JGJR Jr. = Very lovable

3. What has been your most memorable experience so far?
My most memorable experience so far has to be the end of every workout.

4. Favorite Movement: My favorite movement is the infamous “Burpee.”

5. Least Favorite Movement: Burpees.

5. Favorite memorable FFOTB quote: “You guys don’t practice your jerks in the shower? Opps!” -Mel

6. What are your short term goals? Long term?
I want to be able to take my shirt off with and not be self conscious. I want to be able to look good at the beach. Chest hair and all but still beach friendly on the eyes.

Long term, I want to be healthy when I get older and be active and fit for the later stages of life.

7. Lastly, what’s an interesting fact we may not know about you?

One thing you may not know about me is that my favorite movie is La Bamba and I dreamed of being a famous Rock star/actor/singer. English and Spanish.


Tuesday’s Workout:

“Birthday Blues”

Buy in: Athlete’s age in Burpees


Then Five Rounds of:

[Birth Month] in V Ups

[Birth Day] in Arch Rocks
Cash out: Birth year (yy) in OH Walking Lunges

For example 9/15/81:

30 Burpees

5 Rounds:
9 V Ups
15 Arch rocks

81 OH KB Walking Lunges

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