Gas in the Tank

Often in class, the coaching staff talks about pacing, your threshold, or make references to what “gear” students are working in. A huge skill in training is knowing your body.

It’s no different than knowing your car, in some ways. My truck, for example, doesn’t have much success barreling into turns at 75 MPH. Now, I didn’t have to attempt such a ridiculous feat to know that. I just know what turns at 20, 25, and 30 miles per our feel like.

Outta Gas in this Tank!!

Training in some ways can be viewed very similarly. The goal is to train well and not leave any in the tank. The trick is finding how to get to that point without being reckless. Better performing cars and better performing drivers earn the ability to go faster more safetly. This is very reason that the workouts are just as hard or, sometimes,harder for the fittest students in class.

The beautiful thing about training at FFOTB is that your in control. You’re in the drivers seat. They key, however, is to train without leaving anything in the tank.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Special Birthday Workout with Kenny “Kane Train” Kane

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