Making Waves

Are you causing a stir amongst those close to you? Are your friends wondering what it is that you are going off to do every morning? “Dude, what’s with the calluses?” Or, maybe it’s your significant other finally noticing some of your new found muscles. If not, the photos of you doing “crazy workout stuff” on Facebook are sure to make waves in your social circles.

"Here at FFOTB, we take ourselves really, really seriously.."

The positive direction you’ve catapulted your life in with training at FFOTB is an infectious one. Some of you may be feeling the struggle in trying to form sentences that comes along with trying to explain whatever it is that you do when you workout– Embrace it!

Whether you know it or not, you and your training is on the mind’s of your family and friends. Their questions can sometimes feel loaded or skeptical, but they are curious. I’d go even as far as to say they may envy you. Heck, you’re getting fit AND having fun? I just got jealous typing that.

Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, too, is making waves on Ocean Avenue. The famous stretch of road that is home to the Santa Monica Pier has become home to many outdoor fitness trainers and groups as of late. The new kid on the block is causing a ruckus of fun and results on the bluff. Just last week we even received a compliment of a dog walker, serving  as an objective judge with his statement, “I’ve seen them all. You guys are the real one.”

You know what we are going to do about it?

That’s right– We’re going to embrace it.

Everyday our job is to make an attempt to provide a place where people can change their lives and have fun doing it. You’re job is to keep doing the remarkable things that you’re doing. I have a feeling you may be changing some lives around you without even knowing it.

Keep making waves!


Logan Gelbrich



Friday’s Workout:

Accumulate as many med ball cleans in 20 min as possible with a partner:

Partner A performs max med ball cleans, while Partner B does the sand bag carry. When Partner B returns, switch.

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