Girl Power!

From the outside looking in, the results of this morning’s 7:00 AM class might have raised some eyebrows. What I enjoyed about it most, however, was that it was simply shurgged off as business as usual at FFOTB.

What happened was, the girls team absolutely killed the boys team.  Straight up.

The workout was a partner workout, where the pace setter had a 200m sandbag run while his/her partner accumulated as many reps of med ball cleans as possible. Once the partner on the sand bag run returned, they switched. This was repeated for 20 minutes. Two teams took on the workout. There was a girls pair and a guys pair, and both teams had a good mix of fitness.

In many circles, you might see a couple things happen:

Even "County Jack" is FFOTB certified.

1. Trash talk from the girls.

2. Crying from the boys.

Niether happened.

I think the things played out the way they did because we are building strong well balanced students, that have a mature approach to their health and fitnss. We have an environment that accepts differences, tackles weaknesses, and embraces strengths, both in ourselves and others. Furthermore, I was proud to see what I saw this morning– Rock on girls!

FFOTB: Home of Strong Women


Logan Gelbrich


Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squats


Run 1 mile

(Score is lowest Tabata interval score and mile time)

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