Plan Accordingly

We all lead very busy lives, which does not leave a whole lot of time to prepare. We are always having to think on our toes. So much so that planning ahead can often be difficult.

So how do we solve this?

Pick a day (I like Sunday), and plan, plan, plan ahead. That means meals, alone time, workouts, etc.  The same way you go to work from 8 to 5, you could plan other important aspects of your life with the same structure…

Cook meals for the week:

Imagine how much more relaxed and happy you would be if you knew that you were coming home to a meal that just needed to be heated ,as opposed to needing to be prepared. People would be less enticed to go to fast food or out to eat, if they knew dinner was ready and waiting at home.

Emily hammerin' away.

Planning workouts:

Plan your workouts just like you would an appointment or a meeting. Look at your schedule for the week and literally input the times that work best for you to workout and lock them in. If you treat your health as seriously as you treat your job, you may feel great and actually perform better at work. If something comes up, stick to your workout “appointment,” don’t push it to the side. Your body and mind will surely thank you!

Plan time for you:

Even if it is just a half an hour a day: plan time for you! This is where the magic happens. In this time, read a book, meditate, stretch, journal, or whatever makes you feel good about yourself. I suggest doing this in the morning first thing, that way you can really start your day on the right foot!

The more planning and structure that takes place, the more success you will have in all aspects of your nutrition, your health, your personal life, and with family!

So FFOTBer’s how are you going to plan better for this next week?

Place your answers in the comments below…

3….2….1…. PLAN!


Annie Mello


Wednesday’s Workout:

6 rounds for time of:
:20 Hollow Hold
10 Inverted Burpees
3 KB Front Squats


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