FFOTB Social Night

You think all we do around here is workout, don’t you? Well, not every day is about burpees, chicken breasts, and broccoli. Come join us 6:30 PM Tuesday, Sept. 20th at Chez Jay for a cocktail.

Don't cry T-Man, we're going to Chez Jay!

This is a great opportunity to get our entire community together and have some fun in a different setting. The mood won’t be too different than class, so dress casual and come ready to have a laugh and hang out. Though you may be inclined to, please don’t wear workout attire. Let’s see how well you all clean up!

Feel free to bring family, friends, and other guests– We’re all one big family anyway!


Logan Gelbrich



Tuesday’s Workout:

800m Run
Max KB Snatches

-Rest 3 min-

400m Run
Max KB Snatches

-Rest 2 min-

200m Run
Max KB Snatches

-Rest 1 min-

100m Run
Max KB Snatches

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