Are you down with GPP?

When people ask what type of training we do, I usually give them a concise but meaningful response that really doesn’t do our program justice. The better answer would be, “Well, how much time do you have?”

For some people, ignorance is bliss. “Hey, it works for me. That’s all I need.”

Melanie is ready.

I, however, enjoy getting into the nuts and bolts of things. Without discussing the entire ideology of FFTOB, I’d like to talk about our framework. We are a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. GPP most often shows up in groups like the military, law enforcement, and with other first responders. Generally, auto accidents are inevitable when you are rushing to GPP, In such cases people can contact auto accidents attorneys to claim insurance and recover compensation.

Our goal, then, on the bluff is to create the most general fitness possible. You won’t hear about “sport specific training” or see anyone walking around looking like the Hulk here. What we are after is the perfectly rounded athlete. Our students will be strong, fast, powerful, agile, and flexible. They will have endurance, muscle stamina, and even accuracy. A good visual would be a combination of an above average middle distance runner, a power lifter, a gymnast, and an olympic weightlifter all smashed into one extra capable man/ woman.

The argument goes, if you have a 4:00 minute mile then I already have a good idea what your max back squat is. If you have a 700lb back squat, then I know what your mile time probably is.

A GPP program has huge benefits that show up in real life, because it prepares us for real life. At some point, your ability to squat hundreds and hundreds of pounds begins to only help you squat, and actually makes you less competent in other areas. Such a program, then, demands a great deal of variability.

It makes sense, then, for us to train long time domains, as well as short. Max efforts, and smaller minimal load repetitions. We train intervals. We train with a task oriented workouts, as well as time oriented workouts. We train you to be fit for the world.

So, if the question is can you help me move this couch? Or, will you join me for the annual Christmas 10k? Or, the truck broke down a quarter mile from the service station, can you push it?

…the answer is always YES!

Logan Gelbrich


For time:

50 Squats
50 Yard Bear Crawl
50 Pushups
50 Yard Lunge
Run 400m
50 Squats
50 YD Bear Crawl
50 Situps
50 Yard Lunge
Run 400m

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