My Painful Journey Through the World’s Best Seller

As I reached into my book bag to pull out my latest read, an awareness to a journey became apparent to me. A year ago or so, I set out to read the Bible. Yup, the WHOLE thing, cover to cover.

Though I’m not done, I am close to finishing the historic text. When I noticed that the book wasn’t in my bag, though, I realized how similar my experience with this goal has been to the journey toward accomplishing any difficult task.

So, why did I choose to take this on?

No, I’m not a Jesus Freak. I’m actually not sure what that even is, but I don’t like the sound of it– so I’m not that. I do have a strong faith, however. I am a Christian, and I am one by choice. I never went to church as a kid, but I took on Christianity on my own. So, I figured I was a being irresponsible having not read The Bible.

And, I guess you could say, in part, I did it because I like to try things for the sake of their difficulty (See: My 5-months of cold showers). That’s all beside the point.

The watchful coach.

This journey may look familiar. Take a look:

Day 1. I set a goal to read 10 chapters a day for 2 months– Tedious, but I made huge progress. Yay, structure!

Day 61. “I don’t need the restrictions of my goal. I’ve got this on my own.”

Day 85. Great will power  is keeping me in it, but my pace is slowing.

Day 108. Reading has become less focused. Justified with “I’m in it for the long haul.”

Day 154. So… boring… HELP! Where’s Jesus when you need Him?

Day 210. Rock Bottom.  I haven’t touched the book in over a month..

Day 233. Feeling weak, I redoubled my commitment. (Goal: Get to the New Testament!)

Day 251. With a benchmark target insight, and the 1 year mark approaching I steam roll through the Old Testament.

Day 258.  I gave myself a week off, to “celebrate” the halfway mark– Back to a maintainable volume in my life.

Day 282. The Gospel is good stuff!– 5 chapters nightly.

Day 351. “This shouldn’t feel like a chore.” I take a break. Hoping for the burst of motivation I got from “Rock Bottom.”

Day 372. I’m back in!

Day 379. Maybe too soon? Do I really want this that bad?

Day 393. Back to chipping away…

It has been quite a roller coaster ride, hasn’t it? But, it’s that how it always goes?

We begin something new and lofty with passion and structure. “I will go to the gym 3 times a week, starting New Year’s Day.” Things come up. Maybe we sputter here and there. There are peaks and valleys. Sad pitfalls in motivation are followed with promising efforts. Our efforts sometimes burn us out and aren’t part of a repeatable lifestyle. Benchmark’s along the way motivate us, and are worth celebrating. And if we don’t quit, success is all but guaranteed…

The details are different, but the conversations are the same as any fitness journey, team sport season, relationships, etc. The ups and downs are guaranteed; it’s the not quitting that’s key.

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

KB Jump Squat Ladder

-Rest 3 Min-

“The Animal”

150 KB Swings for time.


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