Commitment Takes Practice

Commitment. It’s a buzz word. It’s a cliche. It’s been the focus of many motivating talks. We talk about it often in our program, and commitment is even ingrained in our system in how we operate.

Below is a video of Marcin Dolega snatching 199 KG, which broke the world record at the time.




There are levels of commitment in this man that some of us, unfortunately, will never know. Imagine for a moment his commitment over time, in preparation for this moment. Imagine the millions of decisions, large and small, to honor his commitment to himself that led him to that stage.

All of that aside, I’d like you to think about the most surface level example of commitment in the video. What happens if he is unsure of the lift? What if he just “kind of” wants to make the lift?

Committing to the lift is his ONLY chance at being successful. Commitment doesn’t guarantee his success, but it gives him a chance to do something great. Yet, he is steadfast. This type of attitude to stay invested regardless of inevitable road blocks of uncertainty and difficulty is like any other muscle you have. It needs to be trained. Quitting leads to a better quitter.

I say commitment takes practice.

Adrian joins in on some mobilizing.

I say being able to commit is a skill that will show up in your relationships, in your health and fitness, in your career, and in your psyche.

Maybe, committing to the idea of catching 400 lbs over your head isn’t a part of your life. But, I guarantee there are plenty of areas that could benefit from a redoubled effort of commitment.


Logan Gelbrich



Wednesday’s Workout:

Complete the following every minute, on the minute for 20 minutes:

1 KB Push Presses

2 KB Front Squats

3 KB Thrusters




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